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When Andy takes his camera into the mountains, special things happen. When he brings an image back to the office, he puts in hours of careful work to create a print that will transmit the wonder of those special moments in the high country.

He has generated scores of images suitable for framing, from grand landscapes to closeups to cultural and adventure images--and he’s had gallery showings from Mammoth Lakes to San Francisco. His most evocative and innovative images are available in limited editions of 80. Go to the bottom of this page for information on the processes and materials that Andy uses.

Any of Andy’s images are available framed, but you can easy-order six of his most popular limited edition images from his online store:

Bighorn Petroglyphs Print

The desert mountains of California hold many fascinating archaeological secrets...LEARN MORE >

Banner Peak at Thousand Island Lake Print

It was the peak of summer, no better time to be in the High Sierra, and in the evening Andy found this patch of flower-dense meadow...LEARN MORE >

Bristlecone Pines, White Mountains Print

At 11,000 feet, just west of the crest of the White Mountains, Andy wandered into this grove of ancient bristlecones...LEARN MORE >

Great Western Divide Print

Deep in the High Sierra, the Great Western Divide is a toothy, skyscraping chain of peaks that takes a good two days of hiking to reach...LEARN MORE >

Mani (Prayer) Stones, Ladakh Print

In the culturally Tibetan parts of the world you see many stones like these, inscribed with mantras...LEARN MORE >

Karakoram Spires Print

Andy was part of a small team who rediscovered this secluded corner of Pakistan’s Karakoram...LEARN MORE >



Andy's Stock Photography collection includes images from the following categories:

Mountain Scenics - Click here to view

Mountain Sports - Click here to view

Inspirational & Lifestyle - Click here to view

Visit Andy Selters' Stock Image Portfolio.


The Eastern Sierra Poster

One March morning in the Eastern Sierra, Andy was ready with tripod and camera as the sunrise beamed between cloud layers...LEARN MORE >



Andy's legacy originals are color transparencies, most of them made with a Mamiya 645 medium format camera When he selects an image for framed prints, he makes a super-high resolution scan of that film, and then uses his own skill and judgement in Photoshop to render the digital file to print from. Two printers do justice to this sort of work, the Lightjet, and Epson’s high-end inkjet printers.

As of July, 2013, Andy went digital, with the finest DSLR available, the Nikon D800E. He uses specially adapted Carl Zeiss lenses on this camera. The combination of these lenses and that body renders color depths, tonal range, and sharpness of the very highest quality.

Andy prefers the photographic depth of the Lightjet, but he will gladly make an excellent print with an Epson upon request, and for rush orders. Framed prints are mounted and matted using antique-white, acid-free boards, and museum-quality, non-glare, non-breakable acrylite glazing. Most customers prefer bonded, flat-mounting, and Andy uses Perfect Mount board for this. Archival corners can fail to hold a print perfectly flat, but some people prefer their absolute archival quality. If you want corner mounts, contact Andy when you order.


Print size  Print Price  Framed Print Price Framed Size
11x14  $155 $245 16x19
12x18 $315 $430 17x23
16x20 $425 $550 22x27 
24x30 $725 $950 32x38
30x42 $1025 $1300 40x52

Allow 4 weeks for delivery. Rush orders add 50%.

Special Framing
Special framing, sizing, mounting, or matting is available for an additional cost.
Please contact Andy Selters with your preferences.

Details will be emailed to you upon ordering.

(Note that sizes, in inches, are approximate, and custom-sized to each image. Print size is traditionally measured as the paper size, and image size is typically 1/2 to 1 inch less in both dimensions.)



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